The showroom is the place to create car profiles to save all the important information about your cars (or for your friend and/or family). This will allow you to have quick access to the specs needed for the tire size calculation and wheel offset comparison.

  • Take a picture with the camera or load one from your picture gallery for your car profile.
  • Add all the general info ( nickname, make, model, year and option).
  • Save the original tire and current wheel specs for future reference.


The tire size calculator is for making sure the new set of tire will have a similar diameter to the original tire size. Having a smaller or bigger rolling diameter will result in a difference of actual speed.

  • See the original tire size right next to the new tire size on a visual graphic.
  • Calculates the speed difference and displays the actual speed when driving at 60Mph/100Kph.
  • Also calculates the sidewall, the radius, diameter, circumference and revolution per miles/Km
  • Visually see the tires side by side to see the difference in sizes
  • It will also show you the sidewall, the radius, the diameter, the circumferance and the revolution per miles (You can change the mesuring units in the info panel).


The wheel offset is used to evaluate the difference of the inner clearance and outer position of the old wheel and the new one.

  • Visualize the new wheel superimposed to the old one.
  • Displays the inner clearance and outer position.


  • The list of cars in the showroom is available in the tire size calculation and wheel offset for bringing up the information for easy access.
  • You can calculate tire size specs on the fly without creating a car profile.
  • The visual graphics are easy to understand.
  • Choice of metric or imperial for the tire calculation data.
  • The info panel contains information on best practices for choosing new wheels and tires.

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